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Jessie Khaira Events

June 5, 2017

Jessie Khaira Events, Black and White Wedding

We talked about choosing your perfect wedding colors a few weeks ago, but then it gets a little bit trickier—what on earth should you choose for your color scheme? Questions like what looks good together, what to avoid and more can be daunting. We’re here to give you some advice and calm any color-related stresses. Without further ado, here are some great color pairing ideas!

  • Think about the mood you want to convey. Bright, vibrant colors are great for dramatic, va va voom weddings with lots of glitz and glamour. Speaking of, bright and vibrant color schemes would fit quite well with this particular style I offer.
  • Softer hues convey a more romantic, dreamy feel. If you’re the hopeless romantic type, pairing a soft pink and white or lavender and pale gray could be sheer perfection! My “Elegance and Enchantment” package could be perfect for this!
  • Having an outdoor wedding or perhaps want something a little more rustic? Trying earthy, calming hues like sage, tan or a deep gray could be perfect. The natural feel could be classic and timeless (just like my package of the same name!) for absolute gorgeousness on your wedding day.
  • Sometimes, the easiest thing to do is choose your favorite color and then accent it with complementary colors. Just think about what you would and wouldn’t wear clothing-wise and that is a great place to begin.
  • Consider your bridesmaids. Some of the prettiest wedding photos I’ve seen is when a bride chooses one color and then has her ‘maids dress in varying shades of the hue.
  • Don’t forget to consider your season! If you’re marrying in the spring and summer, think lighter pinks, purples and greens and winter and fall are deeper reds, grays or ambers.
  • Simplicity is key! Don’t go over two to three colors at most.

There you have it! Whatever colors you choose, I hope you have a magical, colorful wedding day and consider using my talents. More info on getting in touch with me can be found here.



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