Jessie Khaira Events
Jessie Khaira Events

April 6, 2017


Last night, I had a couple come in for a consultation to finalize their reception decor. During that time, I complimented the groom on what he was planning on wearing at the wedding. His bride looked over at him and said, “I think so!” in response to whether or not the groom looked good in his wedding outfit.

The look in their eyes and their identical smiles literally gave me butterflies.

I also really love getting inside clients’ heads and trying to create something beautiful just for them. I like the challenge of taking elements from different items they like to create something they truly love. I want it to be reflective of who they are.

I hope to continue to grow my business. I have so many ideas, sometimes it’s hard to stop! My goal was to have a product line launched in 2016 instead of 2018. It was a five-year goal that I had escalated to a three-year goal back in 2013. Getting pregnant with my younger child changed that. However, I have this sense of pride when I can achieve something I hadn’t before. I love being able to make someone say, “Wow!”.

I look forward to working with you too and seeing the shared look in your eyes when you see the overall design of  your event come together with our guidance.



Jessie Khaira Events