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Selecting your wedding colors can be the most daunting task, yet once it’s done everything else just seems to fall into place. Here’s our top tips on selecting your wedding colors.


Go shopping and take pictures of your favorite patterns and colors. – Here at Jessie Khaira Events, we want to make your event not just an event, but an experience. Picking your favorite patterns and colors is essential to the beginning of your journey with us.Look in your closet and find colors that you wear often. These are probably your favorite colors. – They could be colors and shades you look particularly lovely in, or just a fun top that makes you feel extra fun and sexy. I gravitate toward sparkly things myself!


Go to a local farmer’s market or flower shop and look for your favorite flowers. – This is the easiest way to figure out your wedding colors. Take photos of their texture and colors and show them to your wedding designer—seriously, it’s so helpful to me if you come in with some direction, and photos of flowers are a wonderful start.

Some additional tips:

  • Remember to think seasonally. Pastels and lighter colors are best in spring and summer and darker, richer hues work well for fall and winter.
  • If you’re into super trendy things, visit Pantone to see what the color of the year is. It’s always at least a good place to start.
  • Don’t overthink it. Go with your first instinct, it’s almost always the best choice for you.





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