Award Winning Sikh Wedding Planner + Designer | Wedding Industry Educator | #1 Hype Woman for Women of Colour


“Above all, I want to help women of colour step into their purpose, diversify their income, and build legacy brands while normalizing wealth and abundance in all areas of their lives.”
- Jessie Khaira

Hi, I’m Jessie, and I’m so glad you’re here. 

Since 2003, I’ve had the privilege of planning, designing, and decorating luxury Indian weddings across Canada and in luxury destinations around the world.

I’ve worked with wedding budgets of over $2 million and built a successful business helping Sikh brides plan and design the opulent wedding of their dreams free from overwhelm.  

In addition to sitting at the feet of wedding industry experts, I’ve trained under popular marketers like Amy Porterfield, James Wedmore, Russel Brunson, Stu Mclaren, Alex Charfen, and so many more. 

And my business has truly grown with the rate of my thirst for knowledge.

I attribute much of my success to taking a chance on myself and investing in my design knowledge so that I can bring top-tier planning + design expertise to the couples I serve. 

Over the years, I have attended design and floral workshops to understand and expand my knowledge of what to look for when planning my clients' events. And as a lifelong learner, I participate regularly in conferences to grow my knowledge and design expertise. 

Investing in myself was the best decision I could make. I’ve had the immense pleasure of training under those that I had previously admired from afar and gaining from their invaluable business and design insight.

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Although I’m known for building elegant, opulent Sikh weddings with the utmost level of hospitality, my true passion lies in empowering women of colour to live their best lives.

So when I'm not planning weddings, I’m educating wedding + event professionals and helping female business owners learn how to make more money while working fewer hours. (Because I know that with the right resources, guides, and courses, you can learn to serve and sell with confidence!)

It’s because of this work that I wake up every day feeling like I hit the jackpot. I get to work with other women of colour who are investing in their careers and their own well-being. 

And that makes me one lucky girl.

What I’ve learned along the way…

Whether through weddings, business, or their everyday lives, I want to do my part to help women of colour grow in their expertise and passions. 

“This week has been such an amazing experience and that entirely has to do with you and how you enhanced this whole experience on so many different levels. 

Thank you for believing in me and my dreams, because no one else has. Hearing you say I am capable of doing this means the world to me. You are such an incredible human being with such a beautiful soul. I am so inspired by you. You are truly one of a kind!”
- Saveen 

Investing in ourselves does more than help us gain valuable skills and tools - it serves to help others feel comfortable investing with us.

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My Deeply Rooted Values

Staying true to my word: Building someone's wedding day is a very intimate and personal experience, and I promise to never take that for granted. That’s why I hold myself and my work to the highest of standards in excellence and service.

Drawing from my passion: I am motivated by my work with not only the couples and families I serve, but also by the other women of colour who invest in their own success.

Setting the example for others: Respect is ingrained in everything I do - from how I show up in the business space to how I honor my culture. That’s why I promise to show up as my very best each and every day.

May I and my work always be known for...

Lisa Lee-Truong, Shing Weddings 

“Jessie Is Totally Relatable And A Rock Star Entrepreneur. I Will Definitely Be Taking Her Insights And Applying Them To My Business.”