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a step-by-step wedding planning + design guide– exclusively for South Asian couples who want to plan their own wedding, but without the overwhelm of doing it alone

Make it Perfectly Planned.

Eliminate the stress. Enjoy the process. 

Nothing is worse coming from a long day at work and coming face to face with yet more wedding decisions that need to be made. 

I mean, there's planning a wedding, and then there's planning a South Asian wedding (which is pretty much equivalent to planning multiple weddings!) You have the wedding itself, the reception, the pre-wedding events AND the events for your partner. And it’s…a lot. 

Wedding Planning Doesn't Have To Feel Like A Second Job

Which vendors have you responded to? What do you need to do next? And what was that your mom said you needed for your maiyaan?! 

Sometimes it feels like you’ll never be able to get it all done. And the 101 opinions coming at you from every direction aren’t exactly helping - as much as they’re trying to help.

While you’d love to have a professional wedding planner to take the reins, it’s just not possible. By putting in the work yourself, you’re able to put extra money into aspects of your dream wedding day. 

is this you?

But putting in the work is wearing you out. Overwhelmed is putting it lightly. 

Now you’re starting to have nightmares about missing something important…

How Would It Feel To Know Exactly What You Need To Do In Order To Plan The Wedding Of Your Dreams?

To know not only what, how, or why behind every custom, tradition, and event, but to craft a wedding as beautiful as your marriage. One that is both distinctively you and meticulously planned
To be able to fully enjoy the process, as well as your wedding day. To see your vision come to life – without feeling like the wedding planning took over your life. To look back and realize…that was fun!

  • Get a clear understanding of the traditional & cultural aspects you may be expected to incorporate into your wedding - including the whys behind each one. 
  • Use the easy-to-browse guide to find what you need when you need it - so you never have to waste your valuable planning time on Google. 
  • Get organized with what you need to do during each step of the planning process - knowing it is always available at the touch of a button.  
  • Rely on expert guidance from an elite wedding planner on how to do everything you need to do - no matter your budget! 
  • Finally enjoy the wedding planning process!

The South Asian Wedding Planning + Design Guide – Perfectly Planned

A step-by-step guide specifically designed for South Asian couples who want expert guidance – while still having complete control of planning their wedding day. 

With Perfectly Planned, you get an easy-to-follow process for planning the South Asian wedding of your dreams – without all the stress and overwhelm!

Finally enjoy the wedding planning process with…

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Sound like what you need? Imagine being able to:

real talk

If you’re trying to remember what you need to do, when you need to do it, and why you're even expected to do it - all on your own - it’s no wonder you’re feeling worn out. But with Perfectly Planned, you’ll remain unfazed

Hey there, I’m Jessie Khaira.

meet the expert

Since 2003, I’ve had the privilege of planning, designing, and decorating luxury Sikh weddings across Canada and in luxury destinations around the world.

As an elite wedding planner + designer, I’ve worked with wedding budgets of over $2 million and helped hundreds of brides plan and design the opulent wedding of their dreams.  

But I also know, working one-on-one with a wedding planner isn’t in the budget for every couple. That’s why I’ve created Perfectly Planned - to help couples and families navigate the wedding planning process I know so well with an easy-to-follow process. 

You'll no longer have to think about what else needs to be done because everything you need to know is indexed and at your fingertips. From the big vision to the finer details, and from checklists to budget trackers, this guide has got you covered.

Award-Winning Planner of South Asian Weddings


The Wedding Planning Guide Designed Specifically for South Asian Couples

Perfectly Planned is the step-by-step process you need to plan your dream South Asian wedding with ease.

This guide is valued at OVER $750 ‒ 
but it’s being made available to you for only $497!

The Digital Wedding Planner  
  • For keeping everything you need at your fingertips
Sample Timeline Templates 
  • For ensuring that every moment unfolds on time
Canva Templates 
  • For creating design and mood boards to map out your wedding vision


  • 6 Modules
  • 46 Easy-To-Follow Lessons

here's what's inside:

(and their parents and their families and anyone else involved in planning their dream wedding)


MODULE #1: Let's Talk Religion & Culture

Learn everything you might need to do, when you’ll need to do it, what you need for it, and why you're even expected to do it.
Module 1 includes various faith-based and cultural traditions, such as:
Anand Karaj ceremony
Wedding and Post-wedding Rasams
And more!

The South Asian Wedding Planning + Design Overview

MODULE #2: Defining Your Vision

It’s time to get clear on your vision: what you want, how long it will last, and how to decide what matters most.

Defining your vision in Module 2 means getting down to the nitty-gritty of: 
Your Budget
The events you’ll host
Apparel and accessories
The wedding party
Your priorities

MODULE #3: Who's Invited... And To Where?

Now it’s time to look outward to your guests. This module is about all things hospitality and guest experience. 

Module 3 includes guidance for:
Guest lists
Save The Dates

MODULE #4: Finding YOUR Dream Team

The vendors you choose can make or break your wedding vision. This module will help you choose wisely. 

By the end of module 4, you’ll have:
Niched down your vision
Learned how to communicate your vision
Gotten good referrals for the vendors you need
Begun building your dream team
Decided on payment terms

MODULE #5: Design Your Day

This is the fun part. Design can seem intimidating, but here we’ll show you how to make your wedding day a beautiful reflection of you and your love story. 

Designing your wedding day includes:
the overall experience you want to create
How to make It distinctly yours
mood boards, colour palettes, and flower selections
Floorplans and seating charts
The entertainment
and Traditional items to purchase

MODULE #6: The Finer Details

It’s SO important to make sure no detail goes untouched. But it’s also SO easy to forget some. This module ensures you don’t skip a thing. 

In this module, you’ll learn how to:
Stay organized
Determine the roles of family members
Allocate duties /tasks
Make a key contact list
Create timelines & scheduling
Decide on a colour palette
Put together an emergency kit

digital wedding

The Digital Wedding Planner 

Now you never have to worry about performing calculations or wonder what you should focus on next. Every tool you need to immaculately plan your own wedding is available on this completely personalized and formulated planner. And we mean everything. (It even includes how to measure yourself for your wedding attire!)  

Our in-demand Digital Wedding Planner is available to you as a FREE BONUS when you purchase the Wedding Planning + Design Guide. Access your personalized digital wedding planner - anytime, anywhere - at the push of a button.

You get all that AND this exclusive bonus…

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  • You’re starting to realize that planning your South Asian wedding has become a time-consuming source of stress.

  • You’re overwhelmed with trying to remember it all and get it all done.

  • You’re looking for a simple step-by-step system that will help you plan the wedding of your dreams

  • You don’t have room in the budget for a professional planner, but you want a meticulously planned wedding like the ones you see on social media.

  • You want to figure out how to host a wedding that includes everything you “should” be doing - but that is still a fun reflection of you and your love story.

  • You’re ready to bring FUN back into the process!

do these sound familiar?

The Wedding Planning + Design Guide is Perfect For You If...

The South Asian Wedding Planning + Design Guide

What is peace of mind while planning worth to you?

6 Modules
46 Easy-To-Follow Lessons
The Digital Wedding Planner ($197 value)
Sample Timeline Templates 
Canva Templates


$750 $497